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There's a new housing trend we're loving--the mini-trailer. Often less than 50 square feet of floor space, these little guys pack a lot of design into a small footprint.

Check out the two models we love--one best suited for your back yard office, the other perfect for towing along on a beach or mountain getaway. Added bonus: They're not large enough for more than two people--so you're getting privacy or romance with the deal.

Happier Camper

Your Backyard Happy Place

Happier Camper
The HC1 trailer designed by L.A.-based Happier Camper has panoramic windows and a huge rear hatch, so it feels much roomier than it is. It's great as an office: The interior is designed as a set of cubes you can rearrange to make as much storage, counter and seating area as needed. Curious? Rent a model from the L.A.-based company for as little as $250 for two nights.

Hutte Hut

Your Vacation Getaway

Hütte Hut
Design snobs, you have found your mobile home. Crafted in Carpinteria of marine plywood outside and Baltic birch inside, Hütte Hut has a waterproof cotton-canvas canopy that opens tall so you can move around comfortably. Although you’ll always want to be sitting away from it to admire its elegant and pricey ($63,900) Eames-inspired lines.

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