A Pretty Genius Way to Always Get the Perfect Shower Temperature

You just saved yourself like 30 seconds of fiddling with the knobs

Finding the ideal shower temp is surprisingly tedious. You’re usually naked, cold and in a rush. And yet, you have to stand there adjusting (and readjusting) the knobs--cautiously sticking your hand in every couple seconds to make sure it’s just right--before finally stepping in. And it’s still a hair off! Here, an easy trick that will save you the hassle.

What you need: A Sharpie or a bottle of nail polish.

What you do: Turn the shower on and adjust the knobs until you find your perfect temperature. Then take the Sharpie (or nail polish) and draw a small line between the handle and the base of the knob (or knobs).

Why it works: Now you have a permanent point of reference. Just align the two marks to find that perfect 105 degrees every single time. (And maybe don’t tell your landlord you made a Sharpie mark on his shower.)