The 10-Second Trick To Getting All Those Leaves Off Your Porch

Sure, there’s nothing more quintessentially autumn than gazing at the rich red, orange and yellow leaves on the trees, but as soon as they start to accumulate all over your porch…ugh.

Keep the broom stashed away. We have a much easier idea--that involves rigging a cheater’s leaf blower.

What you need: Any old box fan (or really any portable fan) and an extension cord

What you do: Plug the fan into your extension cord and carry it outside to your porch, your deck, wherever you want to quickly clean up. Angle the fake breeze as needed until all the leaves have been cleared.

Why it’s brilliant: It doesn’t exactly save you from yard-raking duty, but it is the easiest way to tidy up your porch in a snap. Bring it on, trick-or-treaters.

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