You know never to arrive at a party empty-handed. But that last-minute bouquet from Stop & Shop isn't holding up to your normal hostess-gift standard. We took a cue from florist BloomThat to bring you this super-easy tutorial on upgrading cheapo blooms.


What You Need

  • Any ol' flowers
  • A square of burlap (about 18 square inches)
  • A plastic baggie
  • A rubber band
  • A fabric ribbon (also about 18 inches long)
  • A card (optional)
  • A clothespin (optional)


Stack Your Goods

First, lay down your ribbon and then your burlap, with a corner point up top. Second, place the plastic baggie around the end of your stems and secure with the rubber band. (This keeps any moisture from seeping onto the burlap.)


Fold Up the Bottom

Before you wrap your flowers, take the bottom corner and fold it to be a squared end. Then bring up the entire bottom half of the burlap. Tuck the fabric around the sides of the stems.


Fold in the Sides

Here's where it gets interesting: Crease the two side corners to run vertically along the flowers.


Fold Down the Top Corners

Soften the edges by bringing down the top two corners.


Wrap Like a Burrito

Bring together the two sides of the fabric. You're almost done.


Tie a Sleek Knot

Bows! Knots! Whatever you prefer. (We're Team Knot.)


Add a Card

Technically, you can stop at the last step. But for a nice finishing touch, clip a small square card with a clothespin. You are officially the favorite houseguest.

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