Black Pepper Will Change How You Do Laundry Forever

Truth be told, laundry ain’t so bad now that you know the ins and outs of the wash cycle and what you can (and can’t) put in the dryer. Still, you hate going to the effort of separating your stuff only to see your beloved blue tee fade too soon. Forget expensive detergents that protect color--just try this cheapo trick.

What you need: Black pepper (no need to bring the salt)

What you do: Add a teaspoon to the wash cycle (along with your regular detergent) the next time you’re doing a load of colors. Set the water temperature to cold.

How it works: The abrasiveness of the pepper exfoliates the soap residue that causes clothing to fade. Then it just washes away with the rinse cycle.

So? Grab your pepper grinder. You’ve got some T-shirts to clean.

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