8 Tips for Crafting a Homey Outdoor Living Space

Your square footage just doubled

For some of us, “the great outdoors” really just means a lovely patio on which to drink a glass of Pinot. But regardless of where you grab your daily dose of sun, we can all agree that outdoor space should not be a missed decorating opportunity.

Read on for eight tips to transform your own slice of paradise.


Put A Roof Over Your Head

So you don’t have a perfect pergola or retractable sunroof--join the club. Thankfully, a graceful oversized canopy or umbrella will provide the same shade, comfort and protection from the elements.


Feet First

One of the fundamentals of interior (and exterior) design: Rugs make rooms.


Comfort Is Key

Who wants to lounge in a flimsy metal folding chair? Think seriously comfy-cozy for alfresco seating (p.s. the more pillows the merrier.)


Shearling Genius

Speaking of comfort, adding an ever-versatile shearling mat is a luxe and super-easy way to enhance the cozy factor of outdoor furniture.


Rethink "patio Dining Sets"

The outdoor dining area is a great place to mix things up. Slither chairs and a colorfully dressed, full-size dining table? Well, why the heck not?


Add A Bar Cart

A necessary addition for a) convenience, b) hydration and c) style.

outdoor driftwood


You fill the inside of your home with art and decorative flair--now apply that same philosophy to the terrace. (Just pick flourishes--like this pretty driftwood hanging--that can withstand the elements.)


Round Up The Fam

Happiness is only real when shared, right?

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