The ‘Indoor Jungle’ Look Is Out...and Here's What's In

Succulent gardens, hanging plants, trailing vines: The crazy, boho plant-lady look had its time in the limelight, but now it’s about as overplayed as its emblematic wallpaper. What is looking fresh for decorative botanicals? These three low-key, low-maintenance additions (according to Pinterest’s Spring 2018 home report). Black thumbers, rejoice.

These 5 Decor Trends Are Officially On the Way Out for 2018

Pampas Grass

A long-standing heavy hitter across weddings and event installations, these silky, feathery grasses (which grow wild in the southwest) are quickly becoming the home floral du jour—a dramatic, ethereal addition to a mantle or console table.

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Single Palm Leaf

This season, one palm frond is plenty, with decor-lovers opting for minimalist, single stem-in-vase presentations. Budget-friendly and breezy, it’s all about a super digestible hint of tropical vibes.

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Hopelessly black thumbed? This vintage-inspired trend is for you. While these decorative collections of dried plants can take on many forms, we’re especially keen on seeing them pressed between glass frames as an IRL botanical print.

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