What the Heck Are Red Currants and How Do I Cook with Them?

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If you watch The Great British Bake Off, you’ve probably heard of red currants. They’re pretty hip in England. (Kate probably has red currant jam at teatime.) But the best news is that you can find them at grocery stores in the States, too. Here’s the lowdown on our new favorite fruit.

What do red currants taste like? About the size of a pencil eraser, these lush, gem-like berries taste like raspberries and rhubarb had a delicious baby: tart, but not too mouth-puckering to eat on their own.

Sounds great. Where do I get 'em? At organic grocery stores (you guessed it, Whole Foods) and farmers’ markets. You can also find them frozen in regular grocery stores year-round.

How to cook with them: They’re delightful on a cheese or charcuterie plate, tossed into salads or as a cocktail garnish (oh hi, fancy-pants Red Currant Mojito). But where they really shine is dessert. Try tossing them into a Red Currant and Cherry Pie or mixing them into adorable two-bite Red Currant Yogurt Cakes. Unlike other berries, they won’t bleed when you mix them into batter. Or forget the whole baking thing, sprinkle them with a bit of sugar and snack away.

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