The Most Amazing Slices of Pizza in NYC, Ranked

Does your favorite make the cut?

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On that cold, winter night when it’s sleeting, icy sludge puddles are on every corner, your umbrella breaks and you can't get an Uber, remember this, and this alone:

It’s all worth it for the pizza.

Yep, NYC has the best pies in the entire universe--but not all slices are created equal. So we’ve narrowed it down to the 30 pizzas in the city you absolutely must try. See you at Paulie Gee’s.

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Time Out New York

30. The Clam Pizza At Franny's

OK, clams on pizza aren’t for everyone, but if you’re going to order it, it has to be at Franny's. End of discussion.

348 Flatbush Ave. (at Sterling Pl.), Brooklyn; 718-230-0221 or

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29. The Cauliflower Pie At Co.

Jim Lahey of Sullivan St. Bakery fame has brought new wave pizza to NYC with great success. And you know how we feel about cauliflower.

230 Ninth Ave. (at 24th St.); 212-243-1105 or

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Give Me Astoria

28. The Artichoke Pie At Artichoke Basille's

This thick and creamy slice is divisive among New Yorkers: Some think the hearty artichoke filling is too rich. Others think it's the best thing that's ever happened to pizza. So you'll have to try it for yourself and find out.

Locations in the East Village, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Astoria and Park Slope; 212-228-2004 or

ny pizza roseandjoes

27. The Sicilian At Rose And Joe's Italian Bakery

Walk past the Italian bread and cookies at this mom-and-pop shop and you’ll find a pizza counter hidden in the back. Go for the corner slice.

2240 31st St. (at Ditmars Blvd.), Queens; 718-721-9422

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Serious Eats

26. The Nonna Maria From Bleecker Street Pizza

Named after the owner’s grandma, this Tuscan-style pie features a thin crust with fresh mozzarella, homemade marinara sauce, Parmesan and fresh basil. Simple. Crunchy. Delicious.

69 Seventh Ave. S. (at Commerce St.); 212-924-4466 or

ny pizza rizzos
Serious Eats

25. The Fantasia At Rizzo's Fine Pizza

Yes, we will partake of this square pie with basil pesto, ricotta, roasted peppers, black olives, marinated mushrooms and mozzarella, thank you.

Locations on the Lower East Side, Upper West Side and Astoria; 646-454-1262 or

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24. The Pie With Basil At Lucali

Before opening his celebrated shop in Carroll Gardens, owner Mark Iacono didn’t even know how to make an English muffin pizza. Look at him now.

575 Henry St. (at Jackson St.), Brooklyn; 718-858-4086 or

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Serious Eats

23. The Meatball Pizza At John's Of Bleecker Street

An oldie but goodie. Just don’t try to order a slice--it's pies and pies only.

278 Bleecker St. (at Jones St.); 212-243-1680 or

ny pizza princest
Serious Eats

22. The Spicy Spring Pie At Prince Street Pizza

A crispy square slathered with fra diavolo sauce, grated cheese and pepperoni just curling up ever so slightly in the oven? Sold.

27 Prince St. (at Mott St.); 212-966-4100

ny pizza grimaldis

21. The Cured Black Olive Pizza At Grimaldi's

If pizzerias were TV shows, Grimaldi’s would definitely be Real Housewives--this legendary haunt has been steeped in drama since it first opened in 1990. It’s a huge tourist draw, so be prepared to wait in line.

Locations in Flatiron and Brooklyn; 646-484-5665 or

ny pizza joeandpats

20. The Cheese Pie At Joe And Pat's

Yes, we are asking you to trek out to Staten Island for this pizza. Yes, it’s worth it.

1758 Victory Blvd. (at Manor Rd.), Staten Island; 718-981-0887

ny pizza motorino

19. The Soppressata Picante Pizza At Motorino

Get a little fancy at this artisanal brick oven pizzeria with gourmet toppings, like spicy soppressata and Brussels sprouts.

Locations in the East Village and Williamsburg; 212-777-2644 or

ny pizza julianas

18. The Classic Margherita At Juliana's Pizza

Here we go again with the drama. Technically, Juliana’s is the real Grimaldi’s. Long story. But it’s a damn good pizza, any way you slice it.

19 Old Fulton St. (at Front St.); 718-596-6700 or

ny pizza bruno

17. The Country Ham Pizza At Bruno

Pizza purists, hear us out. The combination of toppings is heavenly (Pawlet, local peach, smoked ham and cured onion), and the pizzaiolaos grind their own flour in the basement. This newbie is definitely a contender.

204 E. 13th St. (at Third Ave.); 212-598-3080 or

ny pizza emily

16. The Colony Pizza At Emily

Aww, lovebirds Emily and Matt Hyland have poured their hearts into their Clinton Hill shop, and it shows in this ooey, gooey masterpiece with mozzarella, pepperoni, pickled chili and honey.

919 Fulton St. (at Waverly Ave.); 347-844-9588 or

ny pizza spumoni
Serious Eats

15. The Sicilian At L&b Spumoni Gardens

Now in its fourth generation, this old-school joint is keeping it simple, and it’s obviously working.

2725 86th St. (at W. Tenth St.); 718-449-1230 or

ny pizza rubirosa
The Infatuation

14. The Vodka Pie At Rubirosa

This combo of thin crust, not-too-sweet vodka sauce and disks of fresh mozzarella haunts our dreams.

235 Mulberry St. (at Spring St.); 212-965-0500 or

ny pizza lombardis

13. The Pepperoni And Sausage Pizza At Lombardi's

Originally opened in 1905, the OG is still going strong after a ten-year hiatus and a move down the block in 1994. Just push past the tourists and get in there--you’re a New Yorker, dammit.

32 Spring St. (at Mott St.); 212-941-7994 or

ny pizza pauliegee
Konstantin Elser

12. The In Ricotta Da Vegan At Paulie Gee's

Sure, Paulie Gee’s has a ton of tasty non-vegan options, but this masterpiece with house-made vegan sausage and cashew ricotta dollops is so tasty, it takes the cake--or should we say pie?

60 Greenpoint Ave. (at West St.), Brooklyn; 347-987-3747 or

ny pizza marta

11. The Carbonara Pie At Marta

Pizza topped with bacon, egg, cheese and potatoes? We’re just gonna call this breakfast.

29 E. 29th St. (at Madison Ave.); 212-651-3800 or

ny pizza keste

10. The Lemon Pie At Kesté Pizza And Vino

It sounds weird, but trust us--the tangy combo of smoked mozzarella, basil and lemon is what dreams are made of.

271 Bleecker St. (at Jones St.); 212-243-1500 or

ny pizza joes

9. The Cheese Pie At Joe's Pizza

Nothing fancy here. It’s just an old-school, no-frills New York slice, and sometimes that’s exactly what we’re craving. (OK, most of the time.)

Locations in the West Village and East Village; 212-366-1182 or

ny pizza donantonio

8. The Marinara Pizza At Don Antonio By Starita

How do you know a crust is amazing? When they take away the cheese and you don’t even miss it.

309 W. 50th St. (at Ninth Ave.); 646-719-1043 or

ny pizza speedyromeos
The Infatuation

7. The White Album Pie At Speedy Romeo

This decadent combo of ricotta, provel, pecorino, béchamel and roasted garlic is not for the faint of heart.

376 Classon Ave. (at Greene Ave.); 718-230-0061 or

ny pizza pizzamoto
Serious Eats

6. The Margherita Pie At Pizza Moto

To try a bite, you’ll have to dart through a busy intersection and run under the BQE. They really make you earn it--but talk about sweet rewards.

338 Hamilton Ave. (at Mill St.), Brooklyn; 718-734-6686 or

ny pizza best

5. The White Pie From Best Pizza

Hey, it’s right there in the name, so it must be true.

33 Havemeyer St. (at N. Seventh St.), Brooklyn; 718-599-2210 or

ny pizza patsys
Serious Eats

4. The Mushroom And Pepperoni Pie At Patsy's Pizza

The historic coal-oven pizzeria has opened spin-offs all over the city, and we’re still head-over-heels for its thin, crispy crust.

Locations in Midtown, Greenwich Village, Harlem, Chelsea and Park Slope; 212-247-3491 or

ny pizza difara

3. The Regular Pie At Di Fara Pizza

There’s definitely nothing regular about Domenico DeMarco’s handiwork--the owner has been making each pie to order by himself since 1964.

1424 Ave. J (at 14th St.), Brooklyn; 718-258-1367

ny pizza totonnos
Serious Eats

2. The Sausage And Garlic Pizza At Totonno's Pizzeria Napolitana

Forget the Cyclone--this hearty, crunchy pie is the real reason to trek out to Coney Island.

1524 Neptune Ave. (at W. 16th St.), Brooklyn; 718-372-8606 or

ny pizza robertas
What Sarah Knows

1. The Bee Sting At Roberta's Pizza

This epic pie with tomato, mozzarella, soppressata, chili and honey is salty, sweet and spicy in every bite…and it has officially slayed us. You win, Roberta’s, you win.

261 Moore St. (at Bogart St.), Brooklyn; 718-417-1118 or

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