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Sushi Doughnuts Are the Food Craze of Our Dreams

We’ve seen some drool-worthy food trends on our Instagram feed, from avocado roses to bonkers milkshakes. Now allow us to introduce you to the latest trend to tempt our taste buds: sushi doughnuts.

Sounds weird, we know, but they’re oh so pretty. And luckily, Instagrammer @sobeautifullyreal has a few pointers on how to make them at home…for the Insta, of course. Here’s what to do.

First, grease a nonstick doughnut pan with coconut oil and fill the mold with cooked and cooled sushi rice. Turn the pan upside down to remove your rice doughnuts.

Next, decorate with toppings like avocado, mango, spicy mayo, ginger, tuna and salmon sashimi. Feel free to use any of your favorite sushi ingredients.

Finally, dig in…but only after snapping a pic of your creation for the world to see. 

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