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The 5-Second Trick to Picking Out a Ripe Pear

Winter is all about pears, people. Any sugary-sweet variety will do—from Bosc to Bartlett to Anjou and Comice. But there’s nothing worse than biting into a pear that’s bland and crunchy. Or worse, too soft and mealy. Luckily, we’ve discovered a trick for picking out the perfect specimen.

What you do: Find the secret sweet spot on the very top of the pear, just below the stem. Press your thumb on that spot. If it gives, the fruit is ripe and should be eaten within a day or two.

What if the rest of the pear is soft? Softness anywhere else on the pear indicates that it’s likely overripe and mushy. 

Now go buy a bushel and make pear tarts all winter. That’s an order. 

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