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Selecting a ripe avocado is one of the trickier grocery store tasks. You press the peel lightly with your thumb or lift up the stem in search of green…but best-case scenario, you’re still just wagering a guess. 

That’s why we’re so in awe of this avocado sticker, adopted by New Zealand grocer Freshmax and designed to indicate the varying stages of ripeness.

Here’s how it works: The next time you’re choosing an avocado, reference the handy color chart, stuck firmly on every fruit in the bin. Bright green means the avocado isn’t ripe, a blend of dark and light green means it’s “firm ripe” (aka the perfect consistency for avocado toast), and dark green is a red flag that the fruit is almost past due.

OK, so you’ll probably still need to feel up the avocado just to be sure, but a color chart is a nice jumping-off point—and one that could save you precious minutes of grocery store time.

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