10 Miami Foodies You Need to Follow on Instagram Right Now

You know the feeling when you’re mid-bite in a salad, and the gal next to you is conducting a full-on photo shoot of her burger? Yep, you may have seen one of these Miami foodies standing on a chair to get just the right angle for a drool-worthy overhead shot. And when you’ve got more than half a million hungry scrollers, it’s a serious job. These ’Grammers have it down to a science.

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That composition, though. No matter what she’s snapping, the pictures are always A+.


The definition of #yolkporn.


Because we needed someone to taste test this creamy fish and avocado sushi burger hugged in crispy sticky rice. Mmm.


We’ll follow anyone who can make a messy sandwich look this good.


We gotta hand it to this milkshake—it certainly knows how to pose for the cameras.


We’re not quite sure whether we follow this couple for the photos of the pug or the gorgeous snaps of food. Either way, we love both.


Three words: unicorn ice cream. You’re welcome.


We get it. If we work out, we can eat all the pancakes. Plus, there are berries. That counts for something, right?


OK, now we’re starving.


We’re printing this and framing it in our kitchen.

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