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The Silly Mistake Were Making When Washing Lettuce

At this point, we’re basically washing our greens with our eyes closed--which actually might be why we didn’t realize we were doing it wrong. Here’s a better way.

What you need: A knife, paper towels and greens of your choice

What you do: Start by cutting off the base of your greens and separating the leaves with your hands. Next, turn on the faucet and let it run for a couple seconds until it’s at its coldest. Then, stem side down--we repeat: stem side down--run your greens under the water. Pat dry with paper towels and go about your salad assembly. 

Why it works: Think about it--dirt usually comes from the stems. By not washing them stem side down, you end up spreading the dirt to the rest of the leaf. Also, using ice-cold water is key to keeping your leaves crisp. (Hot or even warm water can cause wilting.) Lettuce know what you think.

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