How to Make Fondant Icing in 2 Minutes

Using only 2 ingredients

Fact: A nice shell of fondant icing can transform your basic bake into a work of art. Unfortunately, the store-bought variety tastes like rubber. (It’s the only icing we place to the side instead of forking into our mouths.) Because dessert is not a topic we take lightly, here’s a quick and delicious way to make it using just two ingredients.

What you need: A bag of mini marshmallows and confectioners' sugar

What you do: Place the marshmallows in a large, microwave-safe bowl. Add two tablespoons of water and melt for one minute or until smooth. Slowly add in two cups of confectioners' sugar and mix together to form a ball. Then plop the ball onto a flat, powdered surface and start to knead it like you would bread dough. Add more sugar until your fondant is nice and solid but still pliable. Now place it on top of your baked good of choice and let the compliments roll in.

Expert tip: Melted marshmallows tend to be (shocker) very sticky. So in addition to powdering your work surfaces, lightly coat your hands, spoon, bowl--basically anything that will come into contact with the mallows--with shortening to minimize the mess.

And if you want to get extra snazzy: Add a few drops of flavoring (say, vanilla or lemon extract) and/or food coloring before mixing in the powdered sugar.