18 Recipes You Can Make with a Can of Biscuit Dough

We love cooking from scratch, but sometimes a shortcut is in order—especially when it means we can whip up amazing bread, doughnuts, pizza and more in minutes. Voilà: 18 recipes to make with biscuit dough (that aren’t, um, biscuits).

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Biscuit Doughnuts

Eat your heart out, Krispy Kreme.

Easy Garlic Parmesan Knots

Got 20 minutes? Then you can make these cute little guys.

Breakfast Stuffed Waffles

Decadent? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

Easy Mini Potpies

We’re making every meal in a muffin pan from now on.

Baked Blueberry Orange Beignets

Close your eyes and you’re in New Orleans.

Skillet Breakfast Pizza

…And just like that, we became morning people.

Deep Dish Bubble Pizza

The whole family can agree on this.

Sriracha Chicken Bundles

What the heck is a “bundle”? Our new favorite appetizer, that’s what.

Well Floured

Apple Pie Pull-apart Bread

A billion times easier than baking pie from scratch.

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Half Baked Harvest

Three-ingredient Blue Cheese Bread

Extremely addictive.

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