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Um, Theres a Chance You Might Be a Supertaster
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You guys, it’s time to analyze your taste buds because you might just be a supertaster walking among us. OK, so what exactly does it mean to be a supertaster, and how do you know if you are one? Here, we break it down.

What is a supertaster? Basically, if you’re a supertaster, you’ve got more taste bud density on your tongue than your friends. So your sensitivity to intense flavors like Malbec and dark chocolate is way more heightened than the average bear.

Why does it matter? This makes you overreact to flavors that are either way too sweet (like cake or grapefruit juice) or way too bitter (like broccoli or coffee). So now you can tell everyone you’re not a picky eater--you’re just evolved.

How do you find out if you are one? You can swab your tongue with food coloring (eek)--or you can take our supertaster quiz.

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