Homemade salads: If they’re simple, they feel dull. If they’re complicated, they feel daunting. Here, 11 that perfectly toe the line--easy to make yet more exciting than your basic Caesar.


Tuscan Kale + farro + sweet potato + Feta

A base of raw kale and chewy, nutty farro gets a sweet and tangy kick.

Pair it with: Simple lemon dressing


Shredded Brussels sprouts + almonds + cranberry + bacon + pecorino Romano

This autumn-themed salad calls for raw, thinly sliced Brussels.

Pair it with: Easy, homemade citrus vinaigrette

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Arugula + beets + apple + walnuts + goat cheese

A fresh take on the classic Waldorf.

Pair it with: Warm Dijon vinaigrette


Napa cabbage + carrot + scallion + rotisserie chicken + cashews

You can julienne the veggies or just chop ‘em.

Pair it with: Sesame-ginger vinaigrette


Frisée + poached egg + red onion + croutons + bacon

Add some homemade croutons for a little extra crunch.

Pair it with: Warm bacon vinaigrette


Arugula + quinoa + roasted carrot + avocado

Grains and avocados make for a salad that’ll keep you full till dinner.

Pair it with: Sesame-miso dressing


Romaine + grilled shrimp + avocado + corn + tomato

Transport yourself to someplace warm.

Pair it with: Cilantro lime vinaigrette


Little gem lettuce + avocado + cherry tomato + bacon

Like a wedge salad, just more ladylike.

Pair it with: Creamy blue cheese dressing


Escarole + celery + pear + hazelnuts + Blue cheese

On its own, escarole tastes bitter, but topped with sweet pear and buttery hazelnuts, it’s seriously satisfying.

Pair it with: Mustard and shallot vinaigrette


Shredded kale + wild rice + butternut squash + craisins + feta

So hearty, so winter-appropriate.

Pair it with: Simple balsamic vinaigrette


Arugula + fennel + grapefruit + avocado

Speaking of winter, there’s no better time to be cooking with citrus.

Pair it with: Citrus dressing

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