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We get it. It's mighty tempting to to sub takeout for cooking after a long day at work—and really, when is it a short day? But good news: It is possible to eat well (read: healthy) without ever having to log onto Seamless. Here are five hassle-free ways to fill up on nutritious, MSG-free meals this week.




The need to detox is real. Do it the easy way by ordering a week’s worth of meals from RAW. With two local outposts (one in River North; one at the French Market), the spot serves raw, vegan eats like collard burritos and a green “energy soup.” Fill out an online order form; then head to either location to pick up your goods. Orders are typically ready within 24 hours.



It’s a sad day when our schawarma gets delivered cold. Enter Sprig. The app offers three to five healthy, organic meals each day. Decide between dishes like curried-chicken-and-kale salad and shrimp ceviche with pineapple slaw. Then tap the one you want and it will be delivered in 15 minutes. (We suspect magic elves.)


Meez Meals

Here’s what’s super cool about this service: You still get to cook delicious things like spicy udon noodles with sesame-soy veggies. But you don’t have to mess with all that prep. Instead, you browse the Meez menu for the upcoming week, order your picks by Friday and receive the premeasured ingredients and recipes by Monday. Better yet, each of the dishes takes 20 minutes or less to prepare, and they can all be made vegan or gluten-free.



Or, scratch the above and have a real chef prep your home meal. (This is 2016. We have options.) With Chefmade, you can order a week’s worth of meals. Prepared by culinary pros who have worked at places like Alinea (yep), each dish is made with local, organic ingredients. Menu items have included pumpkin mac and cheese, served in a hollowed-out pumpkin; cocktails--including a cotton-candy-topped old fashioned--are also on the menu.



Snap Kitchen

We’ve said it before; we’ll say it again. Snap Kitchen deserves major…snaps. With seven local outlets, the place stocks healthy takeaway meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything is refrigerated--never frozen--and can be heated up in a flash. So what’s on the menu? Our picks are the ginger-glazed salmon and the Siam lentil bowl with Thai-basil pesto. Check out the 21-day commit program, which lets you pick up three days’ worth of food at a time for three weeks.

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