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Dallas has no shortage of chic bars that sling the craftiest of craft cocktails. And while we love a classy joint where we can sip a cucumber-citrus margarita, we equally love a no-fuss joint where we can sip a $3 beer. Without further ado, our list of the best dives bars in the city.

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Best for Cheap Beer: The Wild Turkey

Step inside the wooden shack off Walnut Hill and delight in $3 pints and $10 pitchers of ice-cold beer during happy hour. (They also sling whiskey drinks that make grown men weak in the knees.) Bonus: On Mondays, the two-meals-for-$20 dinner special means you can actually have a date night sans kids for under $30.

The Wild Turkey, 2470 Walnut Hill Lane; 214-351-5383 or


Best for live music: The Goat

Next to a dated strip mall off Gaston lives a gem--OK, maybe a diamond in the rough. The Goat lines up live music from various genres including blues, grunge and country almost every night of the week. And if there’s no band, there’s karaoke. Be sure to order a Dallas Blonde, sit back and enjoy all the great people-watching (and singing).

The Goat, 7248 Gaston Ave.; 214-327-8119 or


Best for Texas Pride: Adair's Saloon

Expect Sharpie scribbles on everything, from the Lone Star Light pitchers to the toilet seats. Sidle up to the bar to sip like a local (i.e., drink copious amounts of mildly chilled draft beer), and then put down your driver’s license for a box of pucks and play a game or two of shuffle board.

Adair’s Saloon, 2624 Commerce St.; 214-939-9900 or


Best for Feeling Young: Time Out Tavern

Situated on the edge of one of the city’s tawniest neighborhoods, the Time Out Tavern is an untouched, dusty shrine to almost every famous sporting event, professional athlete and college mascot in the state. Alongside throngs of SMU students, you may find yourself noshing on Barbacoa tacos at midnight--and settling up a large bar tab after last call.

Time Out Tavern, 5101 W. Lovers Lane; 214-956-9552 or


Best for Kicking Back: Inwood Tavern

Recently updated--meaning the 20-year-old floral sofas have been replaced with card tables--Inwood Tavern is great for drinking cocktails out of red Solo cups, eating Campisi’s pizza on the patio and hearing some of the most exaggerated stories told by the regulars.

Inwood Tavern, 7717 Inwood Rd.; 214-353-2666 or

Best for Keeping Classy (sort of): Lakewood Landing

This self-proclaimed upscale dive bar is located deep in Lakewood and does very little to actually honor the upscale declaration other than attracting designer-clad regulars. Pop in on a Friday night, order a Manhattan, slip into the black vinyl seats and enjoy the dimly lit bar.

Lakewood Landing, 5818 Live Oak St.; 214-823-2410


Best atmosphere: Double Wide

A quintessential dive bar set in a doublewide trailer in the Southside of downtown, this spot has a punk meets urban feel. Think graffiti-filled walls, previously owned toilets used as both seating and décor, and the most diverse customer base we’ve seen in the city.

Double Wide, 3510 Commerce St.; 214-887-6510 or

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