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We’ve cracked the codes of Sephora, Nordstrom and HomeGoods, to name a few. But do you get sorta giddy thinking about hot-pink tissue paper and glossy pinstripe bags? Then this one’s for you. Sure, your inbox is full of their emails (Free tote! BOGO sports bras! Five for $25 thongs!), but there’s more to the lingerie retail giant than meets the eye. Here, six shopping secrets that can help you navigate your favorite mall store like a pro.

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vs fitting
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You Can Get Fitted for Free

We’ll say it: Bra sizing is more confusing than opening a Roth IRA. So at VS, certain sales associates are specifically trained to fit anyone who asks and can make suggestions based on what type you’re looking for (demi, push-up, T-shirt, etc.). Just head to the dressing rooms and ask for a “Bra Specialist” (they’re usually walking around with a pink measuring tape) who can tell you exactly what cup and band size you should look for. 

vs return

You Have Three Months to Return

Buyer’s regret is real…especially when you just spent a huge chunk of your paycheck on a lace bustier and matching garter set. Not to worry: VS shoppers have 90 days to return unwanted items for a full refund as long as they have the original receipt. (Yes, even thongs.)

vs Free bra
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You Can Score Free Panties Left and Right

There are so many ways to save at the lingerie chain, from downloading the Victoria’s Secret app (free panty with purchase) to signing up for an Angel Card (free rewards on your birthday and sign-up “anniversary”) to entering your email at checkout for once-a-month free-with-purchase offers. 

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vs sale
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You Can Get Early Access to the Semi-Annual Sale with the Card

Ya know that nutty time when there are giant red bins everywhere and people throwing bras around willy-nilly? Well, you can avoid the chaos if you’re an Angel Card holder. Yes, it’s another store credit card, but it’s also a perks program that grants early access to the infamous sale, when prices drop by 50 percent or more.

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vs friday
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You Should Shop There Only on Fridays

Hot tip: The store runs the best promotions and deals—like $5 panties from 5 p.m. to close and 30 percent off PJs—from Friday to Sunday. And you’ll want first dibs before all the sizes get picked over. For the latest updates on last-minute sales, follow the store on Facebook and Twitter.

vs online

And You Should Shop Online in December and April

That semi-annual sale we mentioned? It always starts on during these months before it hits stores (the exact date is kept secret until a few days out), and it usually lasts anywhere between three to four weeks. Scour the interwebs for 70 percent off bras and undies before the brick-and-mortar deals begin.

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