This Hack for Deodorizing Your Winter Wardrobe Is Pretty Brilliant

No more musty smells

Raise your hand if you’ve ever pulled a sweater out of the drawer on a crisp autumn night only to find that it smells like—um, shall we say—a big ol’ pile of dust? Well, we’ve got a hack you can use to prep your cooler-weather wardrobes before the seasons change.

What you need: A spray bottle and vodka (the cheap liquor-store brand will do just fine).

What you do: Fill the bottle with vodka, spritz your clothes (a generous mist from about six inches away) and then hang them (or lay over a rack) to dry.

Why it works: The alcohol kills any stink-causing bacteria and, once it dries, doesn’t leave a scent (so you don’t have to worry about smelling like a cocktail cart). Just be cautious of expensive fabrics like silk and leather (which are best left to the dry cleaner). Wool, cotton and polyester are fair game.

Buh-bye, mustiness. Hello, sweater weather.

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