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It’s a head-scratcher as old as the chicken-and-egg conundrum: Should you pick out your duds before bed or in the morning?

Let’s talk it out.



It gives you more time in the morning. “Wow, I have nothing to do between the hours of 7 and 8 a.m.,” said no one ever. Picking out your outfit at night guarantees you more time for your favorite wake-up activities. (You know… like feeding your children and figuring out where you left your car keys.)

You can better deal with wardrobe malfunctions. When you’re planning an outfit ahead of time, you’re primed to notice wrinkles and stains and at can least attempt to break out the iron/steamer/Tide whitening pen.

You can crowd-source. Your significant other is far more likely to happily weigh in on the “which shoe?” debate when he, too, isn’t scrambling to get out the door.



You can follow your mood. Maybe last night you were all bluesy and mellow but now you’re walking on sunshine. Go with that.

You can follow the weather. Yesterday it was 65 and sunny. Today it’s 34 and raining slush-cubes. You shouldn’t be beholden to a sleeveless shift dress and pair of mules.

It’ll warm up your brain. If you consider getting dressed a creative endeavor--and we sure do--then it’s a great way to get the juices flowing before you start your day.

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