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It’s one of those mornings. You’re already running a few minutes behind and now you can’t get that doggone bracelet on. You either fiddle with it until carpal tunnel kicks in and you’re in the fetal position on the floor. Or you skip the jewelry all together because you just know it’s going to be impossible. Finally, a simple trick that will help you get even the daintiest of bracelets on easily--and quickly--every single time.

What you need: A roll of surgical tape and a pair of scissors.

What you do: Cut off a small piece of tape. Drape the bracelet on your wrist and secure one end to your skin. Then clasp the two ends together like the independent woman you are.

Why it works: The tape keeps the bracelet from sliding off your wrist. Simple as that.

What else you could use: Technically, any old tape would work (Scotch, masking, duct…). But we prefer the surgical variety because it’s soft, stretchy and won’t rip off your first layer of skin. Hopefully you’re already using it for just about any fashion emergency--from preventing blisters to acting as a makeshift bra. So now it’s just giving you an added jewelry bonus.

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