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Since when can you look completely of the moment with an accessory you already have? Since the microtrend of kerchiefs appeared around the necks of so many of our favorite tastemakers.

It’s basically a smallish scarf the size of a bandanna--and yes, maybe even a bandanna--that goes atop a variety of outfits, and there’s a certain trick to looking as cool as Kate Moss wearing it. Read on for tips on how to style it for yourself.


Channel the French

Kate Moss wears a striped shirt and skinny black trousers with her kerchief. Get the look with the little black dotty one from the Tieroom ($14).

Kercheif DJ 479x629

Work the Opposites

DJ Harley Viera-Newton kicks up the style of a ladylike dress with a handkerchief tied around her neck. Get the look with a tiny pocket square from Kiriko ($32).


Tie Bib-Style

If you have a patterned scarf, such as this Equipment by Garance Doré silk square ($98), drape the front like a bib so that you can show off the design.

Cara 479x629

Think Headband

Cara Delevingne is a little bit Madonna, a little bit May Day activist with her bandanna head scarf situation. And we like it.

Rolled Kerchief 479x629

Or A Rolled Crown

Love the high-low of a humble scarf and a chain bag. Price check: Save big with a white and a black bandanna in a two-pack from Target ($3).

Kerchief Red 597x430

Brights = Instant Accent

This fashion-show attendee turns all black into a complete look just by tying a red bandanna around her neck in a crisp knot. You probably already have this in your closet, or you can snag one from Urban Outfitters ($6).

Kercheif Preppie 479x629

Preppie Loves a Kerchief

A man-styled striped shirt and jeans becomes all chic with a bandanna choker. Get a navy-blue silk version from Wyoming Traders ($29).

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