3 L.A. Bra Boutiques for Every Shape and Size

Because the right undergarment is everything

You know those old, stretched-out bras you have crammed in the back of your lingerie drawer? It's time to retire them and treat yourself to a few new models. We’ve found the small boutiques that specialize in certain bra types and pride themselves on their individual service. (A well-fitting bra can make you stand straighter and look ten pounds lighter.) From triple G to double A, there’s something soft and supportive in your future at one of our favorite bra boutiques.

For D Cups And Larger: Jenette

This local bra emporium’s tag line is “the alphabet begins at G,” which is good news for anyone who wears a size D or up (owner Jenette Goldstein believes most big-busted women are wearing too-large bands and too-small cups). Stop in to get a custom-fit of slenderizing, fashion-forward international brands including this avant-garde Dutch creation. We appreciate that there’s no pressure to buy here--only a love of getting the right harness on the right gal.

Jenette, 11300 Santa Monica Blvd.; 310-966-4050 or


For A Cups And Smaller: The Little Bra Company

The small-busted woman usually has to opt for a no-support bralette or a super-padded push-up number that seems more like bolt-on armor than comfortable underwear. No more: Designers at Los Angeles-based online retailer The Little Bra Company use contouring design, not loads of padding, to make the most of what you have--and they’ve innovated the unicorn of undergarments, the lace T-shirt bra.

Available at Luxe Lingerie, 363 N. Camden Dr., Beverly Hills; 310-247-8477 or

For Everyone In Between: Panty Raid

This Silverlake shop is remarkable in its no-harm-no-foul approach to bra fitting: They believe while size matters, different brands fit different bodies in different ways (is that enough difference for you?). So you just look through the wall of well-edited bra selections (including this hotsy Stella McCartney number) and a friendly staffer will bring it to you in the correct size.

Panty Raid, 1953 Hillhurst Ave.; 323-668-1888 or