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Maybe you’re snapping engagement pics. Or maybe you’re just strolling round the neighborhood and scout a pretty field of flowers that would be the perfect backdrop for your #MCW. (FYI, that’s “Man Crush Wednesday” for those who don’t know.) Either way, here’s how to look super photogenic as a twosome. Yes, it’s possible.

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photogenic couples 1

Gaze at Each Other Versus the Camera

It’s true—looking straight into the lens can cause you (or your partner) to instantly assume an awkward and stilted pose. Instead, play off of each other and steal a glance. Nothing cheesy, just be yourselves. But keep in mind that you’ll want to turn so your best side is camera-facing. (FYI, according to a study from Wake Forest University, most people are more emotionally expressive on their left side.)

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photogenic couples 2

Have a Plan for What You’re Going to Do With Your Hands

The same rules apply when you’re posing solo: Hand placement is everything when it comes to more photogenic pics. You could clasp ’em in front or behind, tuck them loosely in your pockets or—the classic—put one arm on your hip. Whatever you decide, just make sure you’re both being mindful of this. (The worst is snapping a series of pics and realizing your hubby’s shoulders were arched the whole time.)

photogenic couples 4

…Or Just Stand Super Close

Gah, you just can’t figure out what to do with your hands. An alternative? Snuggle up. Nothing looks more photogenic than subtle intimacy, i.e., your arms are wrapped around each other but still appear loose and relaxed.

photogenic couples 3

Don’t Discount the Selfie

Looking photogenic doesn’t have to mean picture-perfect ear-to-ear grins. It’s actually more about capturing yourself being silly (aka the pressure is off). To snap a better selfie, don’t pose. Instead, put the person with the longest arm in charge, then gently pinch each other’s sides. (Hello, natural, laughter-induced expressions.)

photogenic couples 5

Enlist a Friend to Just Keep Snapping

Come on, the best pics are the ones in which you’re totally being yourselves. If this means filling your iPhone with 72 shots of the two of you interacting and chatting, so be it. At least one of them will be Instagram-worthy and that’s really all you need.

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