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Let’s be honest, there is no real roadmap for success. Sure, “work hard,” but it’s different for everyone, right? In an eight-part video series, created in partnership with GE Appliances, we tapped nine incredible women to hear their refreshingly candid insights on how they turned their passions into successful careers—whether it’s making wild pastry confections or the most flattering pair of jeans. Have a pen and paper handy?

The Prima Ballerina Making It All Look Easy

While spending nine hours a day rehearsing

In the ballet Swan Lake, Isabella Boylston is tasked with completing 32 fouetté turns in a row. Yes, 32. It’s no wonder the 31-year-old principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre spends close to nine hours a day rehearsing and working out. Boylston’s world-class athletic abilities and captivating Instagram feed are just the tip of the iceberg.

The Beauty Mogul Dishing the Best Advice

Hint: It’s just two words

“I didn’t really know what an entrepreneur was, and I still have no clue how to spell it,” jokes makeup mogul Bobbi Brown on how she got her start. (Psst: It involved ripping out a page from every magazine at the drugstore.) More than 28 years later, Brown has truly disrupted the industry. How? She constantly encourages herself and others to ask themselves “What if?”

The Women Behind Your New Denim Obsession

Prepare to snag at least two pairs

Since launching their denim company AYR (pronounced “air”) in 2014, Maggie Winter, Jacqueline Cameron and Max Bonbrest have been on a mission to make women feel confident. And trust—by the way our butt looks in their jeans, they have truly succeeded.

The Oscar Winner Turned Wellness Expert

You Can Thank Her for ‘Drinkable Skin Care’

Gwyneth Paltrow is used to being front and center (she is an Academy Award winner, after all). However, when it came to taking a step back from her Hollywood career, she was a bit more hesitant. Here’s what she has to say about moving into the lifestyle space to start her brand Goop almost ten years ago.

The Activist On a Mission to Rescue Food

She’s helping to save New York’s hungry

When you hear the staggering statistic that 42 percent of New York City residents go without food, it’s comforting to know that some baller women are fighting against hunger. Cookbook author, mom and activist Katie Workman is one of the many people helping to feed New Yorkers by rescuing otherwise wasted food.

The Woman Changing How You See the World

P.S. She’s about to become your favorite Instagram follow

Right after getting married, Lucy Laucht and her husband set off on a new nomadic life: just them, their tiny vintage van and the open road. Laucht took photos of everything they encountered over the next several months (beautiful landscapes, interesting people and tiny towns in the middle of nowhere) and posted them to Instagram, where her side hobby quickly grew into a dream career.

The Chef Who Started the ‘Naked Cake’ Trend

Yes, There’s a Reason for Nixing the Frosting

What exactly is “maximum delicious”? According to Milk Bar bakery’s founder and CEO, Christina Tosi, it’s adding pretzels, potato chips, ground coffee, butterscotch chips, oats and graham crackers to the classic chocolate-chip cookie we all know and love. In 2007, Tosi began selling unfrosted (ahem, “naked”) layer cakes because she didn’t want to “hide what’s on the inside” (smart lady). And did we mention she encourages eating cake with your bare hands?

The Blogger Who’s Inspiring Healthy Habits

It all started with one smoothie bowl

Imagine gaining 12,000 Instagram followers in one day. Well, that’s what happened to food stylist and wellness blogger Lee Tilghman, thanks to one gorgeous image and a feature on Free People’s website. Now, with an Instagram following of over 176K, the smoothie bowl queen has harnessed her fame and is using it to inspire women everywhere to have a healthy relationship with food.