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We all have that one friend who likes to whip up crowd-pleasing cocktails, who still can’t get over Harry Potter or who loves a good vintage find. Since you’ve probably already exhausted every gift option under the sun for them, may we suggest a monthly box of things that fit their personalities to a tee? Consider these 14 subscription boxes your secret weapon for the holidays.

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If your friend’s ideal vacation includes hitting up the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, this monthly box, curated by Potterheads, is like winning the Quidditch Cup.

Gift It ($32/month)


Unplugged Book Box

We could all use a little less time on our phones, and this box makes it easy. Filled with everything from books to tea to candles, it’s their monthly dose of Hygge.

Gift It ($33/month)


The Succulent Source

Whether they have the rare talent to keep succulents alive (hey, they’re actually harder to care for than people think) or can’t seem to keep them from wilting away, this box is for them. They’ll get five new succulents or cacti to display proudly every month.

Gift It ($27/month)


My Keto Snack Box

If keto is a lifestyle (not a diet), have this box delivered to their office for 3 p.m. snack cravings they can actually give into.

Gift It ($36/month)



Never again dread rainy days inside. This kit comes with a hardcover book and themed art projects for kids ages three to eight.

Gift It ($30/month)


My Zodiac Box

Pisces, rejoice. This one’s for the zodiac obsessed. They’ll start by filling out a survey to determine the personalized products they receive every month.

Gift It ($40/month)


American Cocktail Club

One gourmet cocktail, straight up, please. Deliver this to their home and conveniently plan a cocktail night to coincide with its arrival. It has all the ingredients for four speakeasy-level cocktails.

Gift It ($28/month)



You know your coworker with the immaculate desk? This one’s for them. It includes stationery, paper goods, desk accessories and gifts.

Gift It ($26/month)


Pearlesque Box

Chances are, they’ve tried every beauty box under the sun—except this one. And if they’re a fan of organic, non-toxic and natural skin-care products, they’ll especially love this subscription, which sources full- and travel-size items from around the world.

Gift It ($37/month)


Culture Carton

For the guy who wants to talk the talk and walk the walk. This monthly box brings the best lifestyle items to his door, including a book that belongs in his library.

Gift It ($45/month)



Four to five premium art products for adults who never lost the joy of creating. Send this box to your favorite artist to keep them inspired month after month.

Gift It ($24/month)


A Curated Thrift

Truth: Not everyone has the patience to rifle through thrift store racks. That’s where this box comes in. It includes three personalized, thrifted clothing finds every month, which can be exchanged free of charge if they’re not satisfied.

Gift It ($40/month)


Mix Box by Homemade Bakers

Like their favorite meal subscription service, but for desserts (um, yum). This box is filled with pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-read instructions to make treats like homemade cinnamon buns and gingerbread cake.

Gift It ($25/month)



We all know how to self-care, but this box brings it to the next level with selections from therapists to help reduce stress and increase happiness. Come to think of it, we’ll take one of these, too.

Gift It ($31/month) 

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