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From The Second City to iO, Chicago’s got an abundance of comedic talent. And these five gals—who are killing it onstage, on the interwebs and on TV—are guaranteed to make you laugh.

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A post shared by Fran Hoepfner (@franhoepfner) on

Fran Hoepfner

Twitter: @franhoepfner

Sample joke: “A lot of people—a lot of men—come up to me after shows and tell me how they think I could have ended a joke better. The only thing you can talk about with me after the show is the first eight and a half episodes of Netflix's Mindhunter.”

Why we love her: Hoepfner is the quick-witted and self-aware best friend we wish we had (no offense to our actual besties). Her blend of pop culture critique and awkward personal confession has landed her the enviable role of Associate video director at The Onion as well as accolades like being named Best Rising Comic of 2016 by Chicago Magazine.

Next show: March 23 at FreakFest

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Sarah Squirm

Twitter: @sarahsquirm

Sample joke: “Just so you know, if you don’t laugh at my jokes, you do hate women.”

Why we love her: If her stage name didn’t give it away, Squirm has a no-holds-barred style that revels in the grotesque. Her show Helltrap Nightmare combines stand-up with noise and performance art, making it one trippy and unforgettable ride.

Next show: March 27 at Beat Kitchen

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Lisa Beasley

Twitter: @lisabexperience

Sample joke: “I pray everyone feels as beautiful as I look.”

Why we love her: An alum of The Second City Touring Company, Up Comedy Club, Court Theatre and Black Ensemble Theatre, Beasley has an enviable CV. But she’s not content to stop there: When she’s not performing, she’s serving as creative director for the Nova Collective, which consults with companies to foster more diverse and inclusive policies.

Next show: March 25 at Revival Theater

Samantha Irby

Twitter: @wordscience

Sample joke: “I feel my sexiness is a thing that creeps up on you, like mold on a loaf of corner-store bread you thought you'd get three more days out of.”

Why we love her: While a stand-up show usually requires staying out past midnight, Irby’s candid and relatable sense of humor can be enjoyed at home in your pajamas. Don’t be surprised to find yourself binge-reading her cult-status blog, Bitches Gotta Eat, and three books (one of which, Meaty, is being made into an FX show).

Next show: May 3 at Wilson Abbey

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Gena Gephart & Glittery Money

Twitter: @genagephart

Sample joke: “This magician asked me for a $20 bill today. I was like ‘It’s 2018. Get Venmo, you idiot.’”

Why we love her: The pleasantly awkward and unabashedly feminist Gephart is a cast member at Lincoln Lodge and producer of Ladylike, a monthly all-lady storytelling show. In other words, she is our main girl crush these days.

Next show: March 16 and 17 with Under the Gun Theater at Lincoln Lodge

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