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A short list of things we love: summer and saving money. That’s why we’re jazzed about all the fun things to do in these next few months that don’t cost a penny. Here, 31 of our favorites.

summer picnic

1. Take lunch outside.

2. Get really into the “song of the summer.” (Don’t be embarrassed if you find yourself wailing to Meghan Trainor.)

3. Learn a new sport. Or at the least a new yard game.

4. Get really sick of the “song of the summer.” (Car karaoke had a good run.)

5. Visit a museum. A lot of them are free (or at least have free days or times) and have their air-conditioning levels firmly set on “center of the Arctic.”

summer beach

6. Locate your nearest beach, lake or river and go there.

7. Snag your nieces and nephews and go to the community center's afternoon showing of The Little Mermaid. (Ariel forever.)

summer whitepants

8. Bust out your favorite white jeans.

9. Spill red wine on said jeans and wish you had sprung for that stain-proof pair.

10. Read a borderline pornographic novel that you would normally be embarrassed to be seen with but hey, it’s a beach read.

11. Think back on all the summer reading you had to do as a kid and be thankful you don't have to write a report about Fabio and Anastasia's forbidden but passionate love affair in the south of France. 

summer grill

12. Cook anything and everything on the grill.

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summer snap
Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

13. Finally download Snapchat. (And obsess over these ten accounts.)

14. Finally master a cartwheel.

15. Host a game night--where you can impress everyone with your Snapchat prowess.

summer heavyweights
Walt Disney Pictures

16. Then host a movie night and watch any and every movie you can think of that involves camp. (We like Heavyweights.)

17. Reminisce on your own time at camp and wonder if Becky ever ended up growing into her ears.

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summer corn

18. Blissfully get corn on the cob stuck in your teeth.

19. Be a tourist in your own city. 

20. Watch a sunset.

21. Take a nap. Or three.

summer fireworks

22. Enjoy the splendor of pyrotechnics.  

23. Exclusively cook things that don’t require an oven.

24. Pick a new show and watch it in its entirety over no more than two days. (Listen, it’s hot out.)

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summer smores

25. Roast marshmallows.

26. Go camping--even if it’s in your backyard and even if you go inside to your own bed after getting attacked by mosquitoes.

27. Learn how to repel mosquitoes naturally for next time. 

28. Put cucumbers (or potato slices!) on your eyes to cool down, and then end up putting most of the contents of your fridge on your face.

summer popsicles

29. Make popsicles. (Grown-up or not.)

30. Do yoga outside. (If it’s hot enough, it’s like DIY Bikram.)

31. Take another nap. You've earned it.

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