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Look, we're all about trying things ourselves at least once (you know, upgrading our old jeans, designing our own tea towels). But when it comes to our skin and hair, certain things are best left to the professionals. Here, five treatments you should definitely not DIY.

diy bangs

Giving yourself bangs

Lest you want to risk looking like a five-year-old who got scissor-happy, please leave bang cutting to a trained and experienced professional. Even if you’re decent at it, there’s just too much room for error (think too-short strands and unevenness) to justify doing this one yourself. And most stylists will do a quick bang trim for free between cuts.

diy hair

Drastically changing your hair color

If you’re simply covering grays, you should be fine to do it yourself with your trusty at-home box (say, from L'Oreal). But for any change more drastic than that, a trip to the salon is definitely worth the splurge. Remember: You’re dealing with chemistry and color theory here. 

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diy brows

Waxing or threading your brows

If you’re anything like us, you probably get kind of freaked out about messing around with your eye area. As convenient as it would be to touch up our brows in our own bathroom, it’s too easy to imagine an accident involving too hot wax or a slip of our hand while threading to justify doing it ourselves. A tweeze here and there should be the most you do yourself.

diy extraction

Pore Extractions

Blackheads and whiteheads are the worst, and while you can get rid of pesky blemishes at home, there are quite a few risks that might make you think twice about doing it yourself. At-home extractions can lead to bacterial infections, worsening acne and scarring, since you probably haven’t been trained in the safest and most effective processes. The only way to minimize these risks is to be treated by a dermatologist or aesthetician. Plus, facials are a relaxing treat.

diy pimple

Trying to remove pimples with toothpaste

No matter how many supermodels tell you their secret to zit-free skin is toothpaste (cough Gigi Hadid cough), understand that while it might reduce inflammation temporarily, it could cause irritation, discoloration and even scarring later. Instead, opt for a formula specifically designed to get rid of blemishes like Kate Somerville’s borderline miraculous EradiKate acne treatment.  

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