The typical New Yorker’s routine of overcaffeinating, pavement-pounding and general nonstop-ness isn’t exactly conducive to glowing skin or knot-free muscles. Fortunately for us, this city’s also home to a variety of unique beauty treatments you can’t get anywhere else—ranging in price from $30 an hour “body work” to Upper East Side facials that’ll set you back a full month’s rent.

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haven spa nyc
Courtesy of Haven Spa

The Facialates Treatment at Haven Spa New York

Pilates, but for your face. During the treatment ($245)—which took Haven Spa master facialist Stalina Glot six months to develop and perfect—she uses lifting and light pinching techniques (don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt at all) on the face and neck, focusing her efforts on the facial muscles you use the most around your eyes and mouth. The whole thing softens fine lines and plumps and firms up your visage big time. Plus, it’s combined with a traditional facial—using Rhonda Allison skin care—including soothing cleansers, masks and light extractions so your pores get a tune-up, too.

250 Mercer St.;

paul salon
Courtesy of Paul Lebrecque

CBD Ritual Massage at Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa

OK, so you can technically find this one in New York and Palm Beach, but with a massage this good, we say the more the merrier. Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa’s CBD-infused rubdown ($190 for 60 minutes or $240 for 90 minutes) is the definition of relaxation bliss, thanks in part to the hemp-derived enhanced cannabidiol oil. The spa’s rep tells us the oil is a superior, high-quality, full-spectrum phytocannabidiol oil, not a blend, so your CBD concoction is additive-free. CBD is known for its wide-ranging benefits and overall healing goodness, which means your sore post–boot camp muscles will feel instantly renewed and the stress of that demanding 8-to-8 NYC career you always wanted will be a little more manageable.

Two locations;

Gold Microinfusion Microneedling Facial with Dr. Lara Devgan

Microneedling meets injectables in this facial that’s already won over celebrities like Bethenny Frankel. The Gold Microinfusion Microneedling Facial ($2,500), offered at the offices of Upper East Side plastic surgeon Dr. Lara Devgan, promises results that many describe as “glass-like” skin. By infusing tiny amounts of Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers through a special vial equipped with gold-plated needles (that’s the microneedling part), patients walk out with minimal downtime—generally just a little post-procedure redness—and maximum results. And in case you’re wondering, it’s nothing like full-on Botox injections: The topical application means smoother skin without the loss of muscle function.

969 Park Ave.;

vargas bed
Jeremiah Unruh

Joanna Vargas RevitaLight Bed

You know those LED light masks you see everyone wearing on Instagram? Well, imagine one that’s for your entire body—sort of like a tanning bed, except without the cancer-risk side effect. Joanna Vargas, whose Fifth Avenue salon offers one of our favorite facials in the world—the Triple Crown—is also home to this marvelous light bed. (Technically speaking, so is her L.A. salon, but that’s 3,000 miles away.) “Through the use of intense red and infrared light, photons (microscopic particles of light energy) penetrate below the skin to promote healing, stimulate cell function, improve lymphatic drainage and increase collagen and elastin fiber production,” her website claims. What this means for you is better hydration, reduced inflammation and even some much-needed shut-eye—since it’s encouraged you nap during treatment ($150 per session) under the warm glow of the LED lights.

501 Fifth Ave., Third Floor;

reflexology foot massage
fotostorm/Getty Images

Reflexology at Shun Fa Relaxing Center

You could easily call this place no-frills, and you’d be right, but when it comes to quality (and value), it’s a ten out of ten. Though reflexology is offered all around the world, the masters at Shun Fa are just that—masters in their craft, who will leave you feeling light on your feet and deeply relaxed by the time you walk out the door. With three separate locations in New York in the Village, East Village and Chelsea, it’s our favorite place to give our overworked urban legs and feet some TLC, with the addition of a hand massage, too—a great relief for any New Yorker’s overworked iPhone thumbs. Oh, and it's just $25 for an hour, which means weekly visits are a totally reasonable expense.

59 W. Eighth St., 230 Seventh Ave., and 52 E. 13th St.; 212-353-2889

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tokyo salon
Courtesy of David Mallett Salon

Tokio Hair Facial Treatment at David Mallett Salon

We love the sound of a facial just about any day of the week, but how about a “facial” for your hair? Called the Tokio Inkarami Treatment at David Mallett Salon in Soho, this splurge (between $300 and $500 a pop) promises deeply rejuvenated strands. (It’s also available at his Paris salons, but NYC is the first place to get it stateside.) The treatment addresses damage both chemical (e.g., coloring) and mechanical (heat styling/brushing) via four steps, each one targeting a different layer of the hair. And unlike a mask, the ingredients (which include eight keratins and numerous vegetal extracts) actually penetrate on a molecular level to repair the hair for results that last four to six weeks. Bonus: It takes just 30 minutes, so you can pop in on your lunch break.

29 Greene St.;

pfrankmd skin salon
Courtesy of Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist and Founder of PFRANKMD and PFRANKMD Skin Salon

PFRANKMD Signature Tighten, Lift & Tone Treatment

If the literal city grit has your skin feeling a little, well, weathered, this is the treatment for you. The magical powers of this facial offered by Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank are right there in the name. It utilizes microneedling, ultrasound and radio-frequency therapies to both lift and activate your skin’s natural regeneration process through controlled energy. (Don’t worry—no burning off your face like some lasers do.) The results? Major collagen production, firmness and a glow that fellow New Yorkers will see coming from a block away. That glow doesn't come cheap though: A treatment will set you back a cool $5,500.

1049 Fifth Ave.;

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