This Cali-Inspired Shampoo Has a 1.5K Waitlist...and It’s Finally Back in Stock

Chances are you've seen Playa's products while rifling through your older sister's bathroom or window-shopping at Sephora. As the unofficial (but totally official) California cool-girl hair care company, Playa’s been making waves in the clean beauty industry since launching back in 2017. Now, just three years later, it has a bank of highly-rated products (like the Endless Summer Salt Spray) and a 1.5K-person waitlist for its flagship staples: the Every Day Shampoo and Supernatural Conditioner.

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Courtesy of Playa

Yup, you read that correctly: 1,500 plus people have been patiently waiting for Playa’s Every Day Shampoo ($28) and Supernatural Conditioner ($28) to finally come back in stock, and today, my friends, is our lucky day.

We know what you’re thinking...Is it made of gold?! But the Every Day Shampoo is coined as the “foundation of the Playa routine.” It’s sulfate-free and is made up of sugar beet extract, aloe vera and a coconut-derived cleanser that “removes impurities while preserving your hair’s natural oils.” Reviewers can’t get enough of how well it lathers up—an issue often found in other all-natural cleansers—as well as the “beautiful exotic scent” that’s reminiscent of that spring break trip you took in ‘09 (in a good way).

Though the shampoo is said to be hydrating enough on its own, it’s often bought in tandem with the Supernatural Conditioner. Made with baobab proteins (which only come from trees grown in Africa and Australia) and Amazonian oils, this conditioner was designed to work with all hair types, from pin-straight to tightly coiled, and claims “the more damaged your hair is, the harder it works to condition and repair.” It even has heat-activated polymers that, when exposed to the sun or a blow dryer, will help “seal split ends and reconstruct damaged strands.”

Though it’s currently back in stock, we have a hunch it’ll sell out soon (like, really soon), so toss that drugstore 2-in-1 and get ready for year-round beach hair (even if you’re freezing your butt off in Dubuque, Iowa).

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