What's a "Kitten Eye" and Do I Really Need One?

You might be surprised by the eye-makeup trend

If you're like us, you appreciate learning a valuable, life-improving skill. Like perfecting the essential six eyeliner techniques. Well, we got so jazzed to tackle new brushstrokes that we stumbled upon yet another makeup style that might come in handy. It's called the "kitten eye," and here's what it's all about.

What It Is

Think of the kitten eye as a less aggressive version of a cat eye. Sometimes you want a fresh, new makeup look, but you just don't want to extend an eyeliner stroke all the way to your brow. That's where this little trick fits in.

How You Do It

Take a cue from kitten-eye frequenter Lauren Conrad and invest in a good liquid eyeliner. To do the kitten eye, start in the center of the eye and use short, thin strokes to gradually draw along the lash line. (If you need visuals, we love Smashbox's YouTube tutorial.) Give it a teeny flick at the end to get that subtle winged look.

Where You Rock It

Anywhere your feline-looking peepers desire. The beauty of the kitten eye is that it's a step above your day-to-day makeup but not quite as obvious as a full-blown cat eye. Keep it clean (like the previously shown ladies) for day, or layer in smoky shadows (like Cara Delevingne here) for nights out.