9 Beauty Products Our Editors Use Until the *Very* Last Drop

While we love trying new beauty products, there’s something about going back to our tried-and-trues that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. Why? Because we know they work. There’s no testing period to see if they do what they promise, no scrambling to find the receipt so you can return them if they don’t. And to help you skip over some of the trial and error, we tapped nine editors to get the scoop on the one beauty product they use to the very last drop. Word to the wise: Grab these items while they’re in stock...there’s a reason these are so loved.

verb ghost dry oil

1. Verb Ghost Dry Oil

“I apply this after I style my hair and it gets rid of little frizzies while adding an extra oomph of shine. I have pretty thin hair that can get greasy with too much product, but with this I can spray on as much as I want without resulting in an oil slick.” —Dena Silver, fashion editor

kiwi botanicals nourishing honey melt cleanser

2. Kiwi Botanicals Nourishing Honey Melt Facial Cleanser

“This cleanser really melts into my skin to remove dirt and grime without making my face feel tight or dry. Plus, the manuka honey helps make my skin feel smoother because of the vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It’s also cruelty-free. I always buy two at a time because it’s so good that I’m worried it’s going to sell out—which it might once people read this.” —Roberta Fiorito, editor, branded content

first aid beauty ultra repair cream

3. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

“I’ve never been one to use skincare products, but when my wife started working for this brand, she convinced me to try this moisturizer. Since I’ve started using it, I find my skin to be hydrated and supple. Now it’s become part of my daily routine.” —Matt Bogart, senior podcast producer

summer fridays jet lag mask

4. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

“I didn’t want to buy into the crazy hype about this mask, but now it’s my ride-or-die skincare product. It’s ultra hydrating when worn overnight, but it also makes for the perfect makeup primer.” —Madison Russell, style editor, ONE37pm

belif nourishing eye balm

5. Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb

“I have hormonal acne and it’s only under control because I use prescription creams on my face night and day, but they’re incredibly drying—even on my eyelids, where I’m obviously not using acne meds! I’ve tried so many eye creams to hydrate the delicate skin around my eyes, and this is the only one that is soothing and doesn’t burn my sensitive, parched skin. I’m a ‘belifer’ (sorry).” —Ariel Scotti, lifestyle editor

laneige lip sleeping mask

6. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

“I’m very particular when it comes to lip balms as I’m a self-proclaimed lip balm hoarder, so I wasn’t expecting much when I got this as a sample with another purchase. Spoiler: I’m obsessed. It keeps my lips soft and hydrated while adding a subtle gloss. I use it throughout the day even though it’s targeted as an overnight mask.” —Rachel Gulmi, associate managing editor, branded content

tatcha violet c radiance mask

7. Tatcha Violet-c Radiance Mask

“Over the past two years I’ve become totally obsessed with the Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask. Unlike a lot of other vitamin C masks I’ve used, it doesn’t tingle or burn or make me concerned I’m doing something wrong while it’s on. It’s so gentle but effective, and it makes a clear, noticeable difference in my skin after one or two uses. It doesn’t hurt that it’s the prettiest shade of pastel purple, either.” —Abby Hepworth, associate editor

ren evercalm antiredness serum

8. Ren Clean Skincare Evercalm Anti-redness Serum

“I love this stuff. I’m currently scraping the last drops out now, actually. My skin is sensitive and prone to a little inflammation, and this serum calms things down and makes it baby-butt soft. It’s really gentle, so much so that I use it both morning and night after washing my face, and I can honestly say that my complexion has never been more even.” —Cristina Gutierrez, senior editor, branded content

uma ultimate brightening face oil
Saks Fifth Avenue

9. Uma Ultimate Brightening Face Oil

“I’m on my third bottle in one year. It smells so good and I can really tell when I don’t use it. I tend to apply it at night to let it sink in while I sleep, and by morning my skin is so dewy and glowy without the slightest dry patch in sight. Dare I say it’s better than cult-favorite Vintner’s Daughter…” —Brianna Lapolla, senior editor

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