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A brief ode to takeout: It’s your absolute savior on the nights when you have zero time to cook. But a recent study published in the Journal of Consumer Research says it can also help reduce your waistline.

That is, as long as you jot down your order before you phone it in.

Here’s why: When you speak (like when you step up to the counter to place your sandwich order), you tap into an area of your brain that has less self-control. (Hello, it’s the reason you always spring for a side of fries.) But when you write out your food order before you place it, you have a better chance of making healthier choices (OK, no fries this time) because writing is less emotional and impulsive than choosing while speaking.

Same goes for ordering delivery food online. The act of tapping buttons (like when you plug in your dinner order on Yelp) produces the exact same effect as writing, according to researchers.

So, all hail Chinese chicken salad (that you didn’t have to make).

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