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You’re just about to finish that quarterly report you owed your boss two days ago when…your cursor morphs into a rainbow-colored circle of doom and your computer freezes, indefinitely. Sure, you could force quit everything in site. Or you could try these two best practices that are pretty much guaranteed to speed up your machine on the regular.

1. Shut down your computer every night. Seems intuitive, but if you’re anything like us, you’re way more likely to slam the top closed and run out the door. The full shutdown helps your computer clear all the crud it’s accumulated in temporary drives--think cached files, temporary downloads, etc.--and enables your device to run faster and more efficiently in the morning.

2. Always download software updates. We know: It’s annoying to sit there for 20 minutes waiting for the operating system to update itself, but putting off these prompts affects every app and program you use--and delays bug fixes and patches that might be slowing down your computer. Plus, you’re better off doing the deed when you first get the prompt, rather than waiting for a newer version, which could take even longer to upgrade.

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