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Dear Universe: We’d like a spring-cleaning task that doesn’t involve a mop and bucket. Oh, and we should able to do it from the couch. And it should take ten minutes or less. What’s that? A digital declutter? Here, six super-easy ways to clean up your devices without disrupting your whole day.

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Clean Out Your Inbox
No, you can’t read every single one of those 574 unread emails. But you can make your inbox significantly less overwhelming with a handy little program called This free website makes it super-easy to unsubscribe from email servers en masse and also offers you the option of consolidating the subscriptions you do want to keep into one email called your Daily Rollup. Now, instead of getting separate emails from all the brands you shop, you’ll see them all in one tidy little group.

Uninstall Apps You Haven’t Used in Two Months
That cost-splitting app you downloaded for your cousin’s bachelorette weekend was super-handy then, but now it’s just a waste of space. Do a quick scroll through everything on your phone to see what hidden apps you forgot you even have, and delete those storage space stealers ASAP.

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Organize Your Desktop into Folders That Make Sense
If your desktop looks like a box of Legos spilled all over the floor, then it’s definitely time to reorganize. Take the time to sort all your desktop files into categories and then make folders for each one. (We’re talking “photos,” “work docs,” “vacations,” etc.) Voilà! Everything is in its proper place, and you’re no longer left scrambling when your boss asks for that memo from last November.

Categorize Your Phone Apps, Too
Put the apps you use most often on your phone’s home page, then sort the others onto separately categorized pages or into tidy folders for a really clean look.

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Clear Space for New Photos
Your niece is just about ready to take her first steps, but instead of recording that precious moment, you’re stuck trying to delete a few images to clear up some storage space. Get those 8,000 pics off your phone and onto a digital storage option like Google DriveDropbox or Amazon Prime Photos. (Did you know you get free unlimited storage with a Prime account?)

Disable Notifications
Nobody wants to get notified every time her cousin posts a picture of her Rottweiler. Cut down on your time spent liking, following and commenting by disabling notifications from all the apps on your phone that don’t provide urgent or necessary information. Suspicious spending alerts from your bank? OK to keep. Alerts from that fashion blogger you love to hate? It’s time to let those go.

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