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Breaking News: Closing Apps Does Nothing to Save Battery Power

Your phone just hit the dreaded 20 percent battery mark, but you won’t be anywhere near a charger for, like, three hours. This is what stress looks like, people.

So, in a last-ditch effort to conserve power, you frantically close each and every app you have open (yes, even your beloved Snapchat).

Problem is, that’s actually not doing anything to save battery life.

Yep, it’s true. Contrary to popular belief (trust us, we’ve been doing it for years), swiping apps off your screen won’t keep your phone alive any longer. Our source: Apple’s own head of software development Craig Federighi, who answered the question from a concerned iPhone user.

So rest assured that if ever you’re stranded with a nearly dead phone and no power source in sight (and you've exhausted actual battery-saving options like turning down your brightness and not refreshing Instagram every five seconds), you’re basically doomed. 

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