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“The weather is so lovely, let’s go for a stroll,” you said to your spouse/sister/friend. Next thing you know, you’ve spent $8 on a cone of gourmet ice cream, $34 on happy hour rosé and, oops, also that high-cut (but totally classic) bathing suit for $98. Cue the financial guilt trip—or not. These items that go on sale every summer will help you recoup some of that cash.

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woman working out

Gym Memberships

I love running on a treadmill when it’s 70 degrees and sunny, said no one ever. Hence the reason why you can usually get a great deal on an annual gym membership in the warmer months. In addition to finding lower-than-typical monthly rates, you might be able to score some amazing incentives if you agree to a contract—everything from the first three months for free to gratis locker access and more. Already a member? Don’t discount your negotiating power. After all, gym managers have flexibility, not to mention sign-up quotas to hit. Perhaps they can tack on a special summer discount as a thank-you for your loyalty—or grant you a confirmed spot in that impossible-to-get-into Saturday yoga class.

outdoor grill

Grills and Power Tools

Father’s Day is June 16 this year, which means now’s the time to invest in that outdoor grill (or cordless drill) you’ve been meaning to buy. Yes, it’s a bit cliché, but a lot of times, you can find savings as high as 35 percent off.

gardening tools

Gardening Supplies

’Tis the season for mapping out your veggie garden, which is why most garden supply retailers offer price cuts on things like trowels, planters and seeds. The discounts might be low (10 to 15 percent off), but you’d be surprised how many “this-weekend-only” plant sales crop up this time of year. (To stay in the loop, be sure to sign up for your local nursery’s newsletter or ask them, point blank, if they have any major events—such as summer sales—coming up.)

puffer coat
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Puffer Coats

It’s counterintuitive, but keeping an eye out for this cold weather staple in June, July or August could help you land a 25 to 50 percent discount. Of course, not too many stores carry this kind of coat when the weather gets warmer, but if you keep an eye on major retailers, like Nordstrom or Lord & Taylor, you could luck out and find a total steal.

woman in bathing suit


The turnover in retail is fast, so by July, it’s already time to make way for fall merchandise. As a result, you could nab a bathing suit for 15 to 25 percent off. Other factors that result in big bargains? The volume of leftover inventory. So if fall merch isn’t in quite yet, but there are a ton of suits still on the rack, retailers have their marching orders: Make room, stat!

paint brush for home DIY


It’s not summer without a weekend DIY. (Come on, that garden shed that houses all your brand-new tools could use a fresh coat of paint, right?) The good news: Places like Lowe’s go all in on this, which is why they offer small discounts all season long. Typically, this nets out to a savings of 10 to 15 percent.

camping equipment

Camping Gear

Sure, it’s peak season for this adventure-themed activity, but as the summer starts to wind down, you could catch hefty reductions on outdoor essentials like pots and pans, tents, sleeping bags and loads of other must-haves. Some retailers offer markdowns as high as 60 percent off, but keep in mind that’s more typical of late July into August.


Air Conditioners

After June has come and gone, stores start to get a little nervous about the abundance of cool air merch they’ve called in. No, the reductions aren’t dramatic, but 10 to 20 percent off an A/C unit could add up to $50 back in your pocket. That’s pretty good.



Just because you’re not headed back to school doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a new backpack to cart your laptop to work or—better yet—stow your belongings for your next trip. August is the best time of year to snap one up, but you’ll want to follow your fave brands on social media to get the scoop on when the best deals get announced.

woman on laptop


The back-to-school rush applies here, too. Typically, laptop prices drop as much as 25 percent in August as a way to make them a bit more affordable for students looking to update their tech. Pro tip: When shopping, keep an eye out for retailers that offer price matching (like Best Buy) so that you can maximize the amount of money you shave off.



Truth: Hurricane season is a risk. But it’s also the cheapest time to take a cruise to tropical destinations, like the Caribbean. Voyages planned for August, September and October are on sale now. As long as you peep—and maybe even print out—the refund policy, it’s worth cashing in. (FYI, a lot of cruise liners do swap around their itineraries to steer clear of bad weather.)


Last-Minute Travel

You’ve been taught that the early bird gets the worm best deal. But that’s not always the case—especially when it comes to being a last-minute lady (that’s a thing, right?). In fact, simply calling up a hotel to inquire about availability within a week of travel might snag you a discount (as much as 50 percent off) since a lot of people cancel plans last minute and a hotel’s priority is to have every room occupied.

ice cream cone

Ice Cream

National Ice Cream Day is July 21. You’d be surprised how many creameries will be giving out free cones, seriously.  

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