Zero-Stress Summer: How to Manage Your Money Smarter, Not Harder

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Do the words “manage,” “budget” and “finances” send you into a cold sweat? First off—we get it. Secondly, chin up: Saving your money for a memorable summer doesn’t have to be confusing or time-consuming—especially if you have the right tools. That’s where the Chase Mobile® app comes in. Not only is it easy to use on the go, this app has tons of features that let you bank on your own terms. Here’s why we love it.

1. It’s a Savings Savior

‘Tis the season for vacays, outdoor events and alfresco meals. All of which have the tendency to add up quick. The Chase Mobile® app—available on both Apple and Android devices—has tons of services to help you plan and manage your budget, as well as accessible ways to monitor your financial health. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Autosave: Reach your goals and track progress by directing automatic transfers from your Chase checking to your savings account. Customize it to be daily, periodically, or a certain portion of your deposits—whatever works for you. Saving up for that new car is a lot easier when you can set it and forget it.
  • Pay Over Time: You might not always have time to save up. When that happens, My Chase Plan®’s Pay Over Time feature allows you to break up credit card purchases into budget-friendly payments. No interest, just a fixed monthly fee. Just choose the “Pay Over Time” option next to an eligible purchase ($100 or more) in your app’s account activity. You’ll see one to three plan options ranging from 3 to 24 months, depending on your account history. Don’t worry: You’ll still earn the same rewards as usual on your purchase.
  • Budget Planner: Feel like you could use some extra help reaching your goals? The Budget feature lets you go beyond setting up a monthly budget and crossing your fingers. The cool Snapshot℠ section outlines your daily spending habits and lets you see overall trends by breaking down your monthly spending into categories such as food, entertainment and gas. By tracking your expenses, you can better visualize where your money is going and where you might like to make changes. Find out more here.
  • Chase Credit Journey®: Free to anyone, even if you’re not a Chase customer, this tool helps you check your credit score, monitor your credit activity, and learn more about how your score works. It is regularly updated and will tell you what’s changed. And you can set up a score goal and a plan to get there. Knowing your credit score allows you to feel better prepared and more financially empowered—whether you’re buying a home or finally starting that artisanal soap business you’ve been dreaming about.

2. You Can Pay and Get Paid

With the Chase Mobile® app, you can send and receive money fast:

  • Chase Online℠ Bill Pay: Set up recurring payments, pay bills and transfer money—all from your mobile device. With the Online Bill Payment Guarantee, your payments will be sent on the date you specify. Plus, you can get reminders when an upcoming bill is due.
  • Zelle®: Enroll now and make it simple to send and receive money with friends and family right in the Chase Mobile® app. You can split the cost of dinner and drinks and set up future and recurring payments. You won’t see the other person’s bank account info, and they won’t see yours.
  • Chase QuickDeposit℠: If we’re talking something more tangible, use this app feature to securely deposit your checks, no trip to the bank necessary. Just snap some pics, submit and you’re done.

3. It Safeguards and Secures

You’re not sitting in front of the computer studying your bank statements all day. And you don’t have to, because you can set up Account Alerts that will quickly notify you of purchases, so you can keep an eye out for spending or any unusual activity. Chase Credit Journey can also monitor your credit report for changes, including where your personal information is being used. If you’re a Chase credit card customer, you get 24/7 fraud monitoring and they may send you alerts if there are any unusual charges. Plus, if you lose your debit or credit card, you can lock it instantly in the app, then unlock it just as easily when you find it. (Or get a new one if it pulled a disappearing act.)

If you’re ready to start saving smarter not harder this summer, download the Chase Mobile® app now. We have a feeling it’ll quickly become the most used app on your phone.

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