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Real talk: If we could, we’d wear workout clothes all day, every day. They’re as comfortable as they are fashion-forward (hello, athleisure). But sometimes it takes a little finesse to make them more flattering. Follow these seven tips to seriously up your gym style game (which, in turn, ups your gym motivation game).

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Wear All One Color

We’ve talked about the wonders of a monochrome outfit before, and workout clothes are no exception. Wearing all one color streamlines your entire look, creating a long, lean silhouette. A monochrome outfit in black is doubly flattering, since wearing black is kind of a miracle when it comes to looking svelte.

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Make Sure Your Sports Bra Fits

We’ve also talked about the importance of a good sports bra before. Not only does a properly fitting bra prevent pain, discomfort and tissue damage (that could lead to stretch marks and sagging), but it also smooths everything out underneath your top, making for nice, put-together appearance.

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Embrace Colorblocking

You know how over-the-knee boots make your legs look miles long? Colorblocked leggings have the same effect. And while you might not be able to hold the above pose (we certainly can’t), having two contrasting tones on your legs makes them look infinitely more model-like.

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Wear High-Waisted Leggings

An easy way to avoid the dreaded muffin top is to wear leggings that hit higher on your waist, which cuts down on spillage over the waistband. Additionally, super high-waisted leggings feel amazing during an intense workout: They suck everything in and let you worry about finishing your last set of squats instead of whether or not your underwear is creeping out.

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Wear a Longer Top

Regardless of how high up you hike your leggings, you might still feel uncomfortable and exposed. Enter a longer, looser top, which covers everything a bit more and is often the difference between you awkwardly readjusting every five seconds and you crushing a workout without giving your ensemble a second thought.

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Or Tie a Shirt Around Your Waist

OK, so this might not work in a class setting, but another way to get more coverage is to tie a long sleeved shirt or sweatshirt around your waist. Plus, haven’t you always wanted to look more ‘90s on your run?

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Highlight Your Best Feature

Do you love your legs but not necessarily your midsection? Wear shorts with a looser tank. Are you obsessed with your Michelle Obama arms but prefer to cover your butt? Wear a baller cutout tank top with simple leggings. Draw attention to your favorite parts of your body, so that peoples’ eyes are locked in on your best assets. Again, it’s all about feeling comfortable and focusing on the workout.

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