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How to Find Your Actual Ring Size (Once and for All)

Maybe you’re nudging a certain someone for a certain piece of hand candy. Or maybe you want to finally figure out how to stack your rings like all those Catbird girls. Whichever digit you need to size, here’s an easy at-home trick.

What you need: A piece of paper, scissors, a ruler and a pencil.

Step 1: Cut a long, skinny rectangle out of the paper. Wrap the piece of paper around the finger in question (or the part of the finger, if you’re looking to size a midi ring).

Step 2: Take the pencil and mark where the paper meets up on your finger. You want it to be loose enough to fit over your knuckle but snug enough to stay in place.

Step 3: Lay the paper flat against your ruler and measure the length. (You can also do this with a fashion tape measure if you have one.)

Step 4: Then use a sizing chart online (we like Cartier’s) to find your corresponding number. For instance, a US size 6 will be 52 mm, while that midi ring you want might be a US size 3, or 44 mm.

Some tips: Be sure to measure hands when they’re warm. (Cold morning hands might be on the smaller side and possibly result in an inaccurate reading.) And if you find yourself between sizes, always opt for the size up to account for any potential swelling down the road.

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