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You took the time to shop around. You priced your options. You even debated soft pastels versus traditional black. You finally invested in the perfect length and hardware to fit your style, and now the outfit possibilities are endless. But how is the line between edgy chic and washed-up biker dude so thin? Here, seven ways to rock the moto and five we suggest you skip.



1. A fitted T-shirt. Especially if that T-shirt is striped. (Trés Parisian.) A leather jacket instantly ticks this casual piece up a style notch.

2. Denim of any kind. We’re talking high-waisted flares, crisp skinnies, distressed boyfriend jeans, chambray dresses… You name it; it works.

3. A collared shirt. The white button-down gets to have some fun when worn un-tucked over your favorite slim pants or skinny jeans. Add a swipe of red lipstick and you’re ready for happy hour.

4. A solid shift dress. Itching to break out of your work-blazer rut? Throw a leather jacket over your meeting-appropriate frocks. Finish it off with tights and ankle booties. And prepare to turn heads. (We promise, in a good way.)

5. A pencil skirt. See above. Take that collared shirt, squeeze it into your best slim skirt and top it with a tough jacket. You’ve now got two killer new office outfits.

6. A maxi dress. Play with proportions. A cropped jacket does wonders for a full-length silky number and keeps the bohemian effect in check.

7. Any bold patterns. Just like that moto jacket gave your boho maxi dress a second wind, it can do the same for other graphic pieces (plaid, polka dots, stripes, whatever).



1. A tulle ballerina skirt: Pinterest fiends, listen up: This ensemble jumped the shark long ago (like in 2013). If your heart is set on something voluminous, may we suggest culottes? They’re a much more fashion-forward option.

2. Combat boots. This combo comes across a little too grunge (rather than the laid-back luxe we assume you're trying for). Opt for sleek ankle boots instead. Or squeaky clean white sneakers.

3. Leather of a different color. Normally we’re all for breaking color rules. But this type of jacket silhouette demands a cohesive look. Keep it streamlined by pairing your black jackets with black shoes and bags (and vice versa for brown).

4. A pair of shorts. Paging Daisy Duke. Wear your leather like a lady. And remember: Distressed boyfriend jeans are the envelope-pushing limit.

5. Overalls or anything excessively trendy. You get one statement piece here. Let the jacket be the main attraction and keep the rest of your outfit tame. Then bust out those overalls all on their own.

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