Whether you need a solid new Instagram follow or to just momentarily scroll through pictures of pint-sized fashion plates, here are eight of the best-dressed kids on the Internet.

The street-style heiress

Watch as London Scout and her momma prance around NYC from fashion shows to photo shoots.

The James Dean look-alike

Not sure what there is to brood about at age five, but this little dude is at least pulling off the pose.

The Brand Ambassador

Little Laerta knows no limit when it comes to the biggest names in fashion. PSA: Tiny Chanel slip-ons do, in fact, exist. 

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Harry Style's Mini-Me

Not only does this handsome devil know a thing or two about shearling, he's also known to rock a man-bun with the best of them.

The San Francisco Trendsetter

This Cali native opts for laid-back luxury (and honestly gives us inspiration for our own outfits).

The Swedish Gent

One dapper fellow, coming right up.

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