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12 Things to Do in L.A. This Weekend (That Are So Instagram-Worthy)

Sure, the weather in SoCal is fab all year round. But that doesn't mean we don't take our summers seriously—especially when it comes to sharing it with our followers. Get your fave filter ready. 


See An Outdoor Movie

There's something magical about watching a movie under the stars. And these days, outdoor screenings are happening all over town, from beaches and rooftops to charming neighborhood gatherings and cinematic bonanzas with live music, food trucks and more. Here's every outdoor movie screening for 2017. (Via Thrillist)

Curl Up in a Giant Glowing Egg

It's the latest Los Angeles wellness trend we don't hate. It may seem wacky, but these pods really work for calming, revving, measuring—whatever your body needs. See this list of pod-based therapies and what they can do for you (including the hilarious selfies you can take inside them). 

Treat Yourself to a Gourmet Hot Dog

Move over, ketchup. Sumo Dog puts a gourmet twist on your favorite all-American treat with Asian flavors. And now that it's fancy, you can feel less guilty about eating two of them. (We're looking at you, bacon bánh mì dog.) (Via Thrillist)

Hit the Road

We're in the middle of some of the most beautiful and interesting landscapes in the country, but do you see enough of it? Truth: Probably not. So consider taking one of these five weekend road trips from L.A. this weekend. They’re all four hours or less away.


Forget Runyon Canyon and Try One of These Secret Hikes

OK, you've been to Runyon. And Topanga. But there are other hikes in L.A.—ones with secret waterfalls, historic ruins and movie-style abandoned mansions. Where? Here. (Via Thrillist)

Taste the Rainbow

The trend for multicolored foods is not just for kids, because these treats make us smile, too. From the savory (grilled cheese, toast) to the sweet (soft-serve ice cream), here’s where to order some unicorn magic of your own.


Take in One of the City's Most Scenic Views

The views in the city are beyond compare. And no, we're not just talking about sitting across the room from Ryan Gosling at Mr. Chow. Hills, valleys, ocean and skylines—you don't have to look far to take in one the best scenic views in L.A. (Via Thrillist)

Learn to (Actually) Cook

Sometimes, there’s no better feeling of accomplishment than serving up a delicious homemade meal. But everyone gets in a rut. So check out one of these fun cooking classes in L.A. that range from a foodie Santa Barbara getaway to that knife-skills class you’ve been meaning to take. (And there’s wine and cannabis, too.)


Tour the Best Food Trucks in L.A.

We basically invented the taco truck. And since its inception, food innovators have done wonders with the kinds of amazing cuisine they can cook up in the back of a vehicle (while it's parked, of course). Here's a list of our favorites. (Via Thrillist)

Get Lost in a Real Secret Garden

Los Angeles weather is peaking: nice and dry (finally), not too hot (yet) and long daylight savings sunshine (finally). Treat yourself to a quick meditation, stroll or happy hour in one of these seven pocket parks blooming with flowers.


Try the Trendiest Workouts

You can't call yourself an Angeleno if you haven't sweated to some new-age workout that the rest of the country rolls their eyes at (cough, cough: YOGAqua). But hey, who cares, if they're just plain fun? Especially compared with the StairMaster. (Via Thrillist)

Sit at a Café and People Watch All Euro-Style

Need your caffeine fix but have a few more moments than your usual run into Peet's Coffee? Take an hour to sit in the sun at one of these top L.A. cafés (pretending to type a screenplay furiously, optional). From Pasadena to Venice, there’s lots of people-watching to do.