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7 Wine Names You Might Be Pronouncing Wrong

Wine lists can be intimidating. While we might not be ambitious enough to learn the specifics about each and every red, white and rosé, we would like to, at the very least, know how to pronounce them. Here’s how to say seven tricky names correctly.

The wrong way: boo-jo-lays
The right way: boh-zhuh-LAY
Psst…this light red is best served chilled.

The wrong way: CHA-bliss
The right way: sha-BLEE
Just pretend the “s” isn’t there.

The wrong way: mus-cadet
The right way: MOOSE-ka-day
As in, a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away. 

The wrong way: RICE-ling
The right way: REESE-ling
The “ries” sounds just like our favorite candy.

The wrong way: reeo-jah
The right way: re-OH-hah
If you’re feeling really fancy, roll the “r.”

The wrong way: sigh-rah
The right way: see-RAH
Nothing to sigh about when wine’s involved.

The wrong way: [something vaguely German-sounding]
The right way: guh-VERTS-tra-meen-er
Try saying this right after a few glasses. 

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