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Your Exercise Rut Just Went Bye-Bye

Want to know why you stop working out around the holidays (or deadlines or pre-vacay or whenever)? It’s because you have forgotten that exercise is one of the best ways to inject fun into an otherwise stressed-out day.

That’s why the folks from Crunch want to give you a free five-day guest pass, including a free personal-training session, so you can break free from your mother-in-law’s grasp. (And having to empty the dishwasher. Again.)

Explore a new take on a classic, like Antigravity Yoga (you’ll use a fabric hammock instead of a mat). Join an up-and-coming workout like Hard Knocks (a hip-hop dance party with boxing gloves). Try a trending sensation such as Cycle Karaoke (yep, pedaling, singing and giggling). Or have a trainer guide you through the machines and latest moves.

Then, after your workout, you can hit the showers to luxuriate with Bliss® spa products, or relax in the steam room or sauna.

So put down the turkey drumstick. Your free guest pass awaits.

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