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The #1 Worst Thing You Can Eat Right Before the Beach

We’re not going to lie: Slipping into a bathing suit before hitting the beach can be nerve-racking (for everyone). And while we’re certainly not ones to go on a pre-summer juice cleanse, we are cautious of what does (and doesn’t really) cause belly bloat. Wanna know the worst food culprit?


Sigh, gelato. Sigh, smoked Gouda. Sigh, iced coffee. Even if you’re not lactose intolerant, dairy-laden foods are common triggers for gas and bloating. Lactose sensitivity, however, is actually fairly common, and happens when your body doesn’t produce all the enzymes necessary to break down lactose--the sugar found in dairy products. The result? Unwanted bloat. 

So get ahead and eat the burger, just maybe skip the cheese this one time.

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